Thursday, 16 April 2009

Mikhail Maximov "Chevengur"

The first of two visions of the future. Today's is from one of the newer Russian animators, a burgeoning community, although the animation is based on the work of Andrey Platonov in the first half of the twentieth century. Mikhail Maximov's Chevengur is a dark vision indeed. I am not familiar with its source though the grim ploughmen of skulls, with coffins in their wake, not to mention the fruits of their labours and fate awaiting the scattered seed, is as intimidating as it is impressive in concept, with its bleak fields and subterranean hell. Awesome in its imaginative scope, the character grinding his way over the human remains is as striking an image as one is likely to see this side of the grim reaper's tap on the shoulder. Thankfully all the director's work is not this harsh as a visit to Mikhail's website will quickly reveal. He has a comprehensive selection of work and his blog shows the range of his interests. A gallery of screenshots from Chevengur is just one of the delights to salivate over.

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