Friday, 3 April 2009

Rémi Dumas & Claire Ginestoux - "L'Orchidées" (Pep's)

In Rémi Dumas and Claire Ginestoux's charming stop motion piece, L'Orchidées, a musician sits under a tree strumming his guitar, dreaming about his girl, whose photograph floats down from the heavens. He places the photograph against his heart. A tear trickles down his face and lo and behold the girl appears dressed in a cloudy white dress. Flowered vines grow from the tree and embrace the pair who are soon in the clouds. The music by Pep's, composed by Florian Peppuy, is rather gorgeous as I am wont to say, albeit with ornate lyrics, providing considerable licence for the animators to develop their response. Essentially it is about dealing with and overcoming loss which it does in suitably moving fashion. The melody alone easily carries one along for its three minutes or so. Animation takes many forms. The green plasticine for the vines is used here to great effect, well woven into the narrative and symbolic. L'Orchidées makes a refreshing change to the plethora of purely CGI work I see. The thoroughly enjoyable music video was listed for screening last year at Annecy.

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