Saturday, 25 April 2009

Thomas Giusiano & Mathieu Rey "Edna" (2005)

See how many references to different Steven Spielberg movies you can spot in Edna by students Thomas Giusiano and Mathieu Rey from France's superlative Superinfocom. Essentially in black and white, except where the genre dictates otherwise, Charlie Chaplin is hot on the trail of his beloved who was inadvertently sent down into the innards of a factory production line by our clumsy maestro. The hero may be awkward but everything else is accomplished with a certain aplomb using as ever a range of software, notably 3DSmax and Photoshop. A traditional soundtrack of slightly off-key piano, silent movie music unless the source demands a change, as with the use of colour. We get good sound effects such as the rumbling in the caverns and, given a change of hat and personality, as Charlie/Harrison Ford outpaces a chasing fireball in rollicking blockbuster fashion. And yes, the crudely animated, wooden dinosaur is deliberate! A surprising movie altogether in what I at first thought was silent movie pastiche and it turns out to be Spielberg pastiche. And very well done. A couple more of the French school's movies to come in the next week.

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