Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Vanessa Soberanis "Siberian Farmland" (Minster Hill - 2009)

Los Angeles animator Vanessa Soberanis is a most talented artist as a visit to her blog will testify. Her music video, Siberian Farmland, for Minster Hill, has her working with stop motion and puppets. I normally give a run down of the storyline and I'm relishing the opportunity here. Girl with black hair eats at table with two others. Naturally they say Grace. Maybe her prayers are answered though the girl becomes concerned by the sudden stillness of her dinner companions. Stillness? A mere touch and one of the heads falls off. Shock horror, she also spills the milk. It's out of the house and into the darkness to confront a reclining pig who seems to speak only to release an octopus whose deadly embrace pulls her into the pig's mouth and, who knows, hell. Will the girl escape? Will she discover the correct eyeball? A strange music video that seems to suit the song and the race against time. I've never seen the tentacles of an octopus beat out time before. Such gore and abandon needs a structured approach to create however and Vanessa's second dedicated blog has more background detail than any self-respecting critic could reasonably ask for. Practicalities in a moment but first the surreal detail as described by Vanessa - sample: "so after the girl gets pulled into the carcass of a dead pig by the arms of an octopus". You couldn't make it up. Practical details too of how to make the puppets: to discover that the pig for instance is made of "clay, with a mix of acrylic paint and beige spray paint". Description alongside photographs of production make this a joy. The whole animation is tongue in cheek, not nearly so gory as words alone might make out and great fun.


Vanessa Soberanis said...

hello hello, just anote- I had to take down the video from the internet in anticipation of the band's new album release. It'll be back online in the future- but for now you can only see snippets of it via me demo reel(which is also on the blog). Thank you so much for covering my work!!

Ian Lumsden said...

Thanks for this, Vanessa. Just my luck at moment to post on a movie and have it withdrawn on the same day. Let me know when you are free to release it again. As for now the reel demonstrates your work well and your fun blog has the resources I was writing about. Nice to see you are now a "follower". I don't like the term much, sounding too much like bloggers are Charles Manson figures. But it's reassuring someone out there reads the stuff I push out. Keep in touch.

Howard Herrick said...

Sorry for the wait guys. Still in anticipation for the word from management to have the video released.
They promise in the next month.
It really is amazing.
Can't wait to have Vanessa start on #2 :-)
All the best,
Howard Herrick
"Minster Hill"