Saturday, 11 April 2009

Veronika Samartseva and Anna Samoylovich "Hello Antenna" (Susie Asado)

Hello Antenna is the next in the short listed Annecy music videos. Directed by Veronika Samartseva and Anna Samoylovich it uses cut-outs in an innovative way, particularly in its integration with live action footage of the singer, Berlin based Josepha Conrad, aka Susie Asado - origins, et al at the singer's MySpace. The song is obviously a key component of any music video but here the quirky leaps of fancy and information allow the animators to fashion a distinctive piece of work in which the materials used in the collage effect are much to the fore - manila card, newsprint, airmail envelopes, lots of envelopes because the song is about being informed, hence the minutia of the lady who likes the Royal family and adds sugar to heated chocolate bars for extra sweetness. Nice excuse to line up the family on an envelope for a table, then working the camera across the line of figures to take them on a flight on paper aeroplanes (more envelopes) before crash landing in a splurge of brightly coloured strips because the girl was unable to find the right present at the store. Lyrics off moment but I like them, the singer sounding a lot like Suzanne Vega to my untutored ears. The lady is last seen sitting on a roof amidst the chimneys and aerial masts launching paper planes, or airmail. Naturally the credits are featured on envelopes. The animation makes me want to get out the scissors and camera. Excellent. Pity the poor judges.

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