Thursday, 2 April 2009

Vincent Desbiens "Chambre 217"

At the annual screening for last year’s graduates from Canada’s Cegep du Vieux Montreal three bursaries were handed out, one from Pascal Blais for Vincent Desbiens whose 2D short, Chambre 217 was deemed to be best 2D movie of the year. I enjoy films that keep one guessing then, at the conclusion, one places the events and imagery into a perspective. I also appreciate work in which perspectives are altered in classic animator's fashion. (Why? Because we can.) In Chambre 217, feet, eyes, mouth are all hideously bloated as any lover, for example, of Bill Plympton will appreciate. Not that there is any humour at all in Vincent's piece. It commences with a flickering electric light though our first view of his character is in an unnaturally bright sky as he crouches on some protruding duct way up in the heavens. Beneath him, just tantalising out of reach is a pair of arms with a huge eye forming the body. In a mad sequence the guy leaps into the abyss in screaming pursuit, the whole thing moving at an insane pace. I can see why the work was singled out. Vincent has a blog and there is the inevitable YouTube link.


Film Animation said...

Go Ceged du Montreal!!!

Vincent Desbiens said...

Gee thanks, just found out about this article. Pretty sweet.