Saturday, 16 May 2009

The 5th NFB Online Short Film Competition

The 5th NFB Online Short Film Competition – Cannes 2009 is launched Vote online May 12 to 20 Montreal, May 12, 2009 – May 12 to 20 is your chance to vote online for your favourite short among the finalists of the 5th NFB Short Film Competition – Cannes 2009. Just go to <> or <>.

Now in its fifth year, the competition is organized by the National Film Board of Canada in collaboration with the Cannes Short Film Corner and in association with YouTube. Its ten short films from Australia, Great Britain, Finland, Greece, Canada and the United States were selected from over 1,400 Short Film Corner entries -- more than twice the total for 2008. The Short Film Corner is the meeting place for young creators at the Cannes Film Festival, attracting submissions from more than 40 countries. The nine films from last year were viewed at least 193,000 times on the NFB Screening Room on YouTube. The NFB competition is your chance to join in the fun and frenzy of Cannes by voting online for your favourite short, using the 5-star system on YouTube. The winning film chosen by popular vote will be unveiled by the Government Film Commissioner and Chairperson of the NFB, Tom Perlmutter, at the Happy Hour of the Short Film Corner in Cannes on May 21. The winner will receive a semi-professional HD MINI-DV camera and a computer with post-production software. The short film expert Danny Lennon has picked a mainly comedy selection, but with a sprinkling of dramas, thrillers and animations as well. Here are the finalists: COUNTDOWN by Jordan Canning (Germany), LEGACY by Teemu Nikki (Finland), DR. MORI’S TELESHOPPING by Spiros Jacovides (Greece), REACH by Luke Randall (Australia), TENNER by David O’Neill (Great Britain), THE BLACK HOLE by Diamond Dogs (Great Britain), THE FACTS IN THE CASE OF MISTER HOLLOW by Rodrigo Gudino (Canada), THE RULES OF THE GAME by Tom Daley (Great Britain), SEBASTIAN’S VOODOO by Joaquin Baldwin (U.S.) and WALTER ATE A PEANUT by Robin Willis (U.S.). So don’t forget to vote for your standout film, May 12 to 20 at <> or <>!

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