Friday, 22 May 2009

Anton Groves & Saatchi and Saatchi Romania "Choices" (2009)

Choices explores the options every child has or rather has not in a study of one young girl's possible futures, a child born into a squabbling household where dad takes his eyes off the road ahead; another possible direction is child prostitution via cigarettes, alcohol and drugs. I often point out the desirability of a particular animation form for the specific task. Here the director Anton Groves uses cardboard cutouts, thousands of them by all accounts, supplemented by stop motion and digital animation - a spot of alpha and the girl is a ghost. The effect is of the classroom with simple percussive music supporting a collage effect of stuck on figures of card. And very appropriate to the child's tale, for although the girl grows to adolescence she is still very much the child. Her entry into the adult's car is chilling in its implications, but it is foreshadowed the moment she ignores the ice-cream van and taps on a car window begging for coins. A thought-provoking, professional short then from Saatchi & Saatchi Romania whose creative directors were Jorg Riommi and Daniela Nedelschi whilst the UK's Anton directed for Studioset. The charity is United Way Romania ( I understand that the piece is up for the Cannes Advertising Competition the winners of which are due to be announced any day now.

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