Tuesday, 5 May 2009

"Bolides" (2007) François-Xavier Bologna, Théophile Bondoux , Lyonel Charmette and Vincent Le Ster

Bolides is one of the very best graduation movies I have reviewed on the site. I had promised to review it a week ago and lost the darn thing. Somewhere in my filing system is a great quality version, the movie being produced in HD form. François-Xavier Bologna, Théophile Bondoux , Lyonel Charmette and Vincent Le Ster set their chariot race in an elderly citizens retirement home. Chess is too mild for two ultra competitive residents who are not content to simply get old. In a Ben-Hur re-run, the corridors become a race circuit, not without humour for the audience and dangers for the fellow guests who, it has to be said, seem to enjoy the spectacle. An old dear clicks on her remote control for the television triggering much shuffling of the automatic recliner, but her two companions relive their youth and then some. There's a fantastic - in every meaning of the word - sequence towards the end where the wheelchairs morph into a succession of ever more powerful machines. The pace of the movie is breath-taking. I'm used to tearaway chases in animation; here the frenetic qualities are present in spades but interlaced with real wit. Needless to say the quality of the CG work is as slick as any professional production, such is the quality of training at Superinfocom, Valenciennes, together with a high degree of dedication from the students; a film like this requires a year's dedication. The tools used are 3ds Max, After Effects, Photoshop and Pro Tools. And the mayhem, carnage and sheer glorious fun of it all makes this unmissable. Which is more than may be said for the goldfish.

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