Thursday, 14 May 2009

Corin Hardy "Warrior's Dance" (Prodigy 2009)

Would a music video starring cigarette packet pyromaniacs get much of an airing on television? Doubtful, so let’s give it a try here. To the pounding beat of Prodigy, Corin Hardy’s Warrior’s Dance has a group of packet men materialising from discarded cartons, raiding a bar and letting rip. Glasses and ash tray are broken, and when the trio wreck a display stand of Tarmac cigarettes they are soon joined by a rabble who proceed to dance on the jukebox before proceeding to more nefarious pursuits. The warriors, a veritable army of tiny puppets, are delicate examples of stop motion work and puppetry both. They squeeze under doors or clamber up glass tumbler steps, entirely fascinating though be warned, paper people should never play with fire. Whilst there are no positive role models here the descent into mayhem is visually exciting and in line with a band whose album, released last Monday, is "Invaders Must Die". Well they do. There’s a good article about the piece and credits at PromoNews. One of the UK's leading directors, particularly of music videos, Corin has released a sizeable body of material in a wide variety of styles. I have prepared a further post for later in the week.

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