Monday, 25 May 2009

Elmer Kaan "Mac & Roe"

Anyone for tennis? Dutch animator Elmer Kaan is one of those discerning people who follow the blog so I trust it will be a pleasant surprise for him (and a humorous pleasure for all of you) to see his fine stop motion piece Mac & Roe featured here. Splitting the screen down the net allows for some gentle and not so gentle manipulation of rules, where etiquette flies out of the window. I've never seen a player stomp on another one before. Nice play on words for the title - You cannot be serious! I warm to the little fellows in a way I never did towards their namesake. A graduate of Image and Media Technology/ Animation from the Utrecht School of Arts though Elmer now, lucky man, resides in Italy.


me said...

Wow, this is a pleasant surprise. Thank you very much for your kind words, I'm honored!

Ian Lumsden said...

Cheers Elmer,
And I could very easily have written at greater length but I was about to set off for what I fondly believe was a well earned holiday. A sophisticated piece of work to complement the humour.

Anonymous said...

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