Monday, 11 May 2009

Joaquin Baldwin "Placenta" (2006)

Placenta is a film Joaquin Baldwin made in 2006. It is autobiographical in that materials from his life are used together with accompanying music from the family music box, his mother’s humming voice in the background. In essence it is a simple scenario, growth in reverse with adult walking through mementos from childhood – model, toy truck, beetle encased in plastic – before undressing and reverting to foetus. Using a range of techniques including rotoscoping and photography, the very simplicity of everything appeals with a blank grey canvas on which objects are suspended, the figure delicately sketched in outline. Joaquin is, of course, responsible for the startlingly good Sebastian's Voodoo, a magnificent movie that I wrote about at the time and which has rightly gone on to receive huge recognition and rewards. As it happens it is in competition at the Cannes Film Festival on the Short Film Corner. You can vote, as I have, for Joaquin by following the instructions at The on-line voting is until May 20th so give him support. Still working towards his masters thesis film at UCLA Animation Workshop, Joaquin last year made the final at Cannes with his film Papiroflexia about which I have also written here. Voodoo is the superior film though, one of the finest student pieces I have reviewed on my blog. Let us hope Joaquin goes one further this year.

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