Saturday, 9 May 2009

Joel Trussell "Mr Wobble’s Nightmare" (Kid606 - 2009)

Mr Wobble’s Nightmare is directed by Joel Trussell and animated by Anna and Mike Hollingsworth. Kid606, aka Miguel Trost Depedro, writes some great lyrics that demand a polished finish. So Joel and co film revolving fruits and superimpose a layer or two of animated accoutrements that sort of personalise things. Sample of said lyrics:"I'm sorry Mr Wobble, your son's dead ....How? ....They started eating him alive..." Mr Wobble is one of those oddly shaped tangerines or satsumas or clementines or whatever that masquerade as oranges. Sporting a handlebar moustache and synchronised wisps of white hair, he does indeed wobble. He is not the kind of fruit to take an oft repeated, brutal revelation lightly, certainly not without investigation and Mr Wobble investigates with an axe. Trouble is the guy at the other end of the line is rotten to the core and a life or death struggle ensues. The inevitable gore seems strangely mouth watering when the juices flow.

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