Sunday, 10 May 2009

John Hubley & Tissa David "Glad Gladys"

Want to see a master of the animation art at work for all of 46 seconds? Well it's time enough to make an assessment. Posted a few days ago by asteriskpix on YouTube, Glad Gladys is a cleaned up version of Tissa David's work for John Hubley and the early 1970s programme for kids, The Electric Company. It is not only a delight but instructive. In the hands of Tissa the performer comes alive. Notice how she drags herself onto the stage, jumping about devoid of the enthusiasm of the title, despite her body's gyrations. Her changes of facial expression are as much fun as her dancing though. And when she smiles the world lights up. Michael Sporn's article from last October, liberally sprinkled as always with invaluable archive material, shows the single drawing given to Tissa by the director preparatory to her completing the task. Hubley's sketch seems altogether more lithe even in pensive stance than the more rounded Gladys of the piece. I know Michael is a great fan of his colleague and friend, Tissa. For very good reason.

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Mark said...

Who was the vocalist in this animation?