Saturday, 30 May 2009

Luke Robinson (The Viral Factory) "Samsung Mini-Notebook N310 "

Not the most enthralling of titles but a clever ad nonetheless and already picking up quite a few hits on YouTube since its launch a week or so ago. Samsung Mini-Notebook N310 has two figures showing off for the public at a trade stand. Much of the comment on the channel has wondered how the animation was created, essentially CG or claymation? The reason the subject fascinates is that everything is placed in a real world where presenter and audience marvel at the antics of the pink and blue pair - naturally, boy and girl respectively. The girl wins decisively and our boy is flattened between the panels of a very fetching notebook. It certainly looks claymation to me though I do know of animators who could have a stab at the effect digitally. A product of The Viral Factory with animation director and compositor, Luke Robinson, producer was Jon Stopp, and animation producer Tim Searle. Triffic Films are credited as the Animation Production Co. Thanks to Vincenzo for the prompt.

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