Saturday, 2 May 2009

Michael Sewnarain "Regen" (2005)

Based on a poem by the Dutch writer J.H. Leopold, self-taught animator Michael Sewnarain's Regen (link to artist's site - alternatively via YouTube) has an artist finding inspiration after a rain shower. In fact the frustration is given rather more time in the animation than the inspiration as the artist hurls everything and possibly including a kitchen sink (I lost track) at the canvas. We have artists in the UK whose artwork is about as pleasing as the junk stuck within the frame. No need for rainstorms for them. After a pleasing swoop down amongst the houses, the distortion and trickery with perspective as the painter works in his studio makes for an entertaining piece, whilst everything is boldly drawn and I particularly like the music from Harry Koopman. Michael has a good variety of work on his site including animations.

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