Monday, 18 May 2009

More Frames "War is My Destiny" (Ill Bill 2009)

I get a lot of material sent to me these days and sadly there is only time to satisfy so many demands. Time enough though for Adam Lukas from Pennsylvania's More Frames, a new studio born out of the State's Edinboro University, who sends me the company's official video for Brooklyn’s rapper, Ill Bill. The lyrics for War Is My Destiny are ultra violent and demand a certain response. What the studio gives is comic book violence, vengeance with a swagger. From the moment our hero (I think he is a hero) free falls into the action I know for certain I want him on my side in any war. To the artist's thundering litany of mayhem, he and his two pals take on the army, police force, air force, warlords and anything that moves. Limbs and heads are hacked off at will in the urban jungle and I simply love it when our guy shoulder charges an armoured tank. Very confidently animated in a flat 2D style that suits the music to perfection, the colours are primarily grey though there's lashings of red - obviously!

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