Saturday, 16 May 2009

Sandy Hong "Pathway" & Alex Myung "Juxtaposed"

Two further movies from New York's School of Visual Arts referred to yesterday. Pathway by 22 year old Sandy Hong concerns a life changing experience for a young woman. It is a movie that revels in the simple joy of drawing, using colour, creating beauty. Of course, one can certainly see areas where short-cuts are taken with the animating - long skirts are a godsend in this respect - but a glance at Sandy's blog will reveal the pressures of hitting that deadline: "oh dear god 20 days left before we have to hand in our thesis!" In terms of explaining the story the second thesis film uses a narrator, Wanda O'Connell, to good effect. At the Dusty, "Best Animation Design" was won by Alex Myung (aka Alex Wager) for his narrated piece about the search of a light bulb for his real mother, a story mirroring his own experience of adoption. Juxtaposed like Pathway reveals a talented artist just happening to choose animation as the medium. All the qualities of that movie are here with, if anything, an even more stylised, anime look most appealingly seen in the girl with her large eyes as well as the overall softness of the artwork and colour. Again I could have done with more movement in the girl, as opposed to the light bulb. When the girl does move however there is a grace to the animation that is most appealing. Working alone is hard work and corners need to be cut. Time is always in short supply in animation. Two highly talented young people then with good careers ahead of them.

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