Friday, 8 May 2009

Scrabble "The Beautiful Word" ("Sumo", "Yoga" & "Hula")

One might have thought Scrabble needs brand advertising like the Inuit need air conditioning. Of course they do. Traditional games have to raise their game to confront a changing climate. Thus to mark the game's 60th birthday the Paris office of Ogilvy & Mather and studio Wizz were given the commission with a clear brief to appeal to the young. The result is a bouncy, upbeat series of ads reflecting the very diversity of life's little surprises, a journey where anything may happen and frequently does folks. What a commission. The illustrators are given the freedom to doodle, linking a series of random characters in bizarre circumstances, each image exploding from the next just as words link together in the criss-cross, chance encounters world of Scrabble. Sumo directed by Clément Dozier and Irina Dakeva has been listed for this year’s Annecy. Yoga and Hula are just as good. I like the songs. An extended mp3 version of Hula by C4 may be downloaded here and HQ copies of the original prints can be obtained via Ads of the World. A big thank you to Carrie from for the nudge. Postscript: Todd Denis, Managing Director of, sends me the following link to a story he has written on the campaign. It is particularly well informed: "The piece discusses how creative storytellers from multiple disciplines and around the globe were used to create the work, and includes quotes from many of the contributors, including Art Director Antoaneta Metchanova of Ogilvy Paris, the gang at WIZZ and others." - article.

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