Friday, 1 May 2009

Sebastien Laban & Virginie Goyons "Meet Meline" (2009) and "Running Away" (2004)

I was a trifle impertinent or at any rate presumptious in referring to a husband and wife team yesterday. Sebastien Laban has worked on his latest film, Meet Meline with his girlfriend, Virginie Goyons. The movie is released in trailer form via the link and the pair promise a "making of" release which should be most interesting. The movie blog is illuminating enough in any case covering everything from meeting with the composer and 10 year old Mia who was to provide the voice for the lead character, through the posters, book of images, initial writing..... comprehensive and most readable. What is plain from the short trailer is the professionalism of the production, a tribute to the degree of realism obtainable using today's software, primarily Maya in this instance, something that is manifest in an earlier movie by Sebastien available in full, Running Away. Actually "in full" is not appropriate, the director being unable to complete all the production work whilst at Lyon's Arts Appliques Bellecour. This accounts for the truncated plot and lack of context but don't let that put you off. Very heavily influenced I guess by American thrillers the action is thick, fast and accomplished as soldiers attempt to arrest a young boy whose powers enabling him to escape are phenomenal. If the movie is unfinished in a structural sense, the background detail supplied by the director is anything but. I can't spot any gaps save the deleted scenes and Sebastien provides their details including the initial sketches for the SWAT trooper below. I am also unable off hand to name a production with so much information supplied. All this and such slick and accomplished 3D work.

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