Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Spela Cadez "Lovesick" (2007)

You will not see a more charming love story than Lovesick, by Spela Cadez last year's winner of the "FIA 2008 People's Choice Award" - I trailed the festival here yesterday. Sickness and x-rays are not my cup of tea, nor gory operations. I get squeamish spreading strawberry jam. So when our wide eyed, tearful hero goes into the hospital, has the treatment and sees his heart laid out on a tray he not unnaturally becomes concerned. The nurse and doctor are briskly efficient to the point of indifference and their patient is left with the vital organ and number 61 in the queue. Waiting for the continuation of the operation he meets a real head turner of a girl whose afflication appears catching. Can the doctors work their magic? Humour is the art of the unexpected and Spela's puppet drama kept me guessing till the end, with a series of twists and turns. (You have to see the thing to appreciate the reference.) The puppet and set are works of art as a click on the high resolution images here will show. The boy's expressive eyes express so much other than tears, not surprising if you too could hold what he holds in his hands. I often say this and it bears repetition, the music - in this case by Mateja Staric - adds so much to a quite magical eight and a half minutes. Spela studied Communication Design at Slovenia's Ljubljana Academy of Fine Arts, doing her postgraduate course at the Academy of Media Arts, Cologne. She has a special talent and I intend to feature more of her work.


Das Brick said...

Lovely! Thanks for picking up on this little jewel!

3d animation studio said...

claymation never gets old. reminds me a lot about gumby :)

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