Sunday, 10 May 2009

Virginia Mori "punto a capo" (2006)

A simple idea and artwork pared down to a tasteful core. Young Italian illustrator and animator Virginia Mori's bewitching punto a capo takes a clockwork dancing girl, wound up and rotating slowly to the music of Beethoven's Fur elise, until her luscious red hair gets tangled in the mechanism. The delicate hand drawn piece is affecting; as the girl rotates, for a moment her eyes connect with the viewer to close again as she turns away, alive and yet still a doll, a captive to the cogs and wheels. The strained sound effect at the close has an unsettling quality as if some awful tragedy has occurred. Born in 1981 in Cattolica, Virginia attended the Art Institute of Urbino, and pagina 16 is her student film from that time. A girl is intent on reading her book when a seed is sown that springs up all over. I used to read books like that. I confess I do not know the singer but Stefano Fucili's Lullaby is a really lovely song and Virginia's animation has that same girl looking suitably dreamy and letting her dark hair flow. Last year Virginia received the SRG SSR prize at the Annecy Project Competition for her latest film il gioco del silenzio, the link being a trailer. Animating, by its nature. is an anonymous profession. However Virginia is the girl on the left.

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