Monday, 29 June 2009

1st International Thermaikos Youth 2min Film Festival 2009

“Ηigh Tension…”

Call for entries: Registration has started! Deadline: 25 September 2009. We challenge you to confront the challenge of 2 minutes…
We invite you to take part in the ‘High Tension’ 2nd edition of the International Thermaikos 2min Film Festival, organized by Thermaikos Municipality Cultural Centre in Thessaloniki, Greece. The Festival will take place in November 2009.

The first successful edition of the Festival in 2008, with more than 50 entries from 20 countries has inspired us with the will and motivation to further pursue this cultural project and work towards the promotion of novelty, creativity and modern approaches in the cinema field as well as the reinforcement of the local cultural capital.
Thermaikos Film Festival addresses professionals, as well as amateurs of film-making. Quintessence of the Festival is the duration limitation of 2 minutes. There is no restriction in the genre or technique of the films.

For further information, please check the Festival webpage:

Thermaikos Municipality Cultural Centre,
Kountourioti 51, Neoi Epivates, 57019, Thessaloniki
Tel.& Fax: 23920-28.803

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