Thursday, 18 June 2009

Barry Purves

Reading reviews of books, as for hotels, is fun but not always to be taken overly seriously. Barry Purves is one of the UK's foremost exponents of stop motion animation, a man I greatly admire so much so that I have just ordered his book for my vacation reading: Stop Motion: Passion, Process and Performance. There are wildly diverging views in the Amazon Customer Reviews: "It reads like an unterrupted (sic) stream of consciousness from a washed-up old luvvie, who occasionally drags in friends and acquaintences (sic) to add a bit of interest and give the impression of a more rounded piece of work." (J. Burns) versus "Purves' writing is refreshingly personal and honest. He talks us through his colourful career in animation, giving an insightful insider's perspective. The book is unashamedly celebratory of the medium and features contributions from relevant names in the business adding further perspectives." I am still purchasing the book. Barry's marriage of theatre and animation, notably with Cosgrove Hall, is unusual. Which reminds me that one of my reviews still to be written is of Barry's 1989 Next concerning an audition for the bard in front of one of the UK's top directors. That's for next week. Do check out Barry's excellent website and thanks to Aaron Wood and Katie Steeds (Slurpy Studios) for the inspiration and reference. Their blog is occasional but always lively.

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