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Caitlin Smith "The Best Places to Showcase Your Animations Online"

The Best Places to Showcase Your Animations Online
by Caitlin Smith, Guest Reviewer
Whether you’re a student wanting to show off a new skill or a experienced professional hoping to gain recognition and exposure for a particularly successful project, the web can be a great place to get your animations seen. If you aren’t sure where to upload your videos, you may want to try one of these sites to help get you on the way to more people seeing just what you can do.

Your own website: These days it’s hard to work in a creative field without having your own website to act as an online business card and portfolio. If you don’t already have your own site, perhaps now is the time to create one. Domains are relatively inexpensive and many tools and tutorials are available to those unfamiliar with web design. With your own site, you’ll not only be showcasing your work, but yourself as an animator as well.
YouTube: As one of the most widely used video storing and sharing sites, YouTube is the obvious choice. One of the best things about it is that it allows videos to be embedded in other sites like blogs, messageboards and more so that users can more easily share your work and spread your name. The Internet Archive may seem like an unlikely place to house your videos but it actually offers reasonable storage plans. Even better, you’ll be putting your video in with great examples of animation, filmography and new media from around the world.
Graphic Tube: While the name of this site may give you pause, there’s nothing to worry about as content is based around the other kind of graphic. Here, users can share their experimentations with 3D modeling, video FX, animation and more, with a community of like-minded individuals.
DailyMotion: Another big online video site, DailyMotion has a whole channel just dedicated to more artistically inclined videos and animations. You’ll not only be able to post your own videos but watch those from others as well.
KartoonTv: Depending on the type of animations you make, this site may or may not be suited to your personal needs. It offers not only the ability to post short animations but also an online social networking tool for animators of all kinds.

With the web constantly growing and changing, there are new opportunities every day to get your animations out there and featured prominently on a site. After all, there’s no body better qualified to build your reputation than you.

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