Thursday, 4 June 2009

Candy Guard "Fatty Issues" (1990)

My students have been writing scripts for narration. For some animators the script is the key feature. Candy Guard, that most witty observer of human idiosyncrasy, is a favourite in this respect. Without in any way dismissing the economically drawn visual humour of her work, the quality of script-writing is what takes her into the top rank. Another in a glittering parade of Channel 4 productions Fatty Issues (Sherbet) concerns one woman's determination to pummel the cellulite and gorge on the good whilst counting calories and disciplining herself, within limits of course, to exclude the bad. Given that the short is now almost 20 years old it has aged not one jot, nor the concerns or even the dietary fads. The colloquial, sing-song quality of the narration, the streams of finely composed lines are lovely. After a chance remark from her partner and a visit to the scales - should she commence the diet straightaway? "We've got steak and kidney pudding tonight .....and trifle...(gulp) I'll start my diet tomorrow." This is a very funny piece of work, untouched by the years.

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