Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Celia Bullwinkel "The Rammellzee Three" (2001)

Jazz is a passion of mine. So the delights of Celia Bullwinkel's graduation piece from New York's School of Visual Arts, The Rammellzee Three, are in the uplifting soundtrack and traditional animation skills on display. I've frequented dives like this in my youth where rats and pigeons hang out, drink too much and generally behave reprehensibly. In Celia's skilled hands it is all good fun until rat pinches posterior of bar companion much to the chagrin of said pigeon's partner. An almighty brawl ensues. Set in a world of alcohol, whispered conversations, inhabitants slide down guttering to get there, queueing up to be admitted to the dustbin that is the nightclub. Low life deserve entertainment too and birds and rodents are treated, before the violence, to a three piece outfit that would grace any animation. Stephen Chopek (drums) composed the piece whilst Dan Fabricatore (bass) and Karel Ruzicka (tenor sax) form the trio. Celia could not have got a more suitable soundtrack, all recorded and engineered by Chris Gefken. I know how difficult it is for young animators to arrange that special music that will enhance their work. As I say, traditional drawing skills are on display here: this could only have been hand drawn. A visit to the animator's website and blog will assure you of her talent. Celia divides her time and talent by freelancing, as well as teaching at Parsons and The School of Visual Arts. This early work of hers was funded by the Visual Arts Foundation.


Anonymous said...

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celiabee said...


Thank you for mentioning my student film, The Rammellzee Three. I made the film eight years ago, so I'm humbled by your kind words in 2009!

In the late 1990's I used to go to little BYOB jazz clubs in New York's west village. They were cozy, cheap for a college student, and had a wide variety of jazz. New York was pretty cleaned up in those days, but I couldn't help imagine a little nightclub that city's vermin would go to.

So.. that was the orgin of the film. Stephen Chopek (music producer/musician), went on to be a drummer for jazz guitarist Charlie Hunter, and Pop singer John Mayer. I was lucky to get his musical talents before his career took off!

I may also mention a brilliant artist to who the film was named after: Not animation related, but a great treasure from the NYC graffiti movement.