Monday, 22 June 2009

Che Hargreaves "El Ucayali" (2005)

I spent the weekend in Harringay, North London, a cosmopolitan area of a thousand nationalities and cultures. The house my daughter is hoping to buy had until last week been squatted by a group of South American students. On the walls were photographs and mementos of their homeland. El Ucayali reminds me of that though without the attendant mess and damage. A boy is awoken by his mother's song of the Ucayali river from her native Peru. The haunting song is from Marlene Flores-Echevarria, Jorge Alonso Bravo provides the narration and Che Hargreaves makes the animation in the manner of Caroline Leaf, drawing in sand over a light box.

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Do let your daughter know that Harringay has one of the UK's leading community networks at