Friday, 12 June 2009

David Fradkin & Adam Brown "Turn My Music High" (Tokin' Black Guy 2009)

Turn My Music High was voted number one music video by almost all my students this very day; and selected from some eight newly released treats aired by me when I was losing control of the class. Tokin' Black Guy provides the rap, David Fradkin the direction and Adam Brown the animation for in your face party time on Mars. Picking up their shapely passengers by blasting the loud speaker from the bus, our guys head vertically for a non-stop rave illuminated by flying saucers. The illustrations are by Rich Lawson and Salini Perera. The piece is loud in colour, tone and music. Perfect for a Friday when the computers bash out heat and we all want to shake a bit. Made by the recently formed Abalak Productions, a visit to whose website is warmly recommended if only for the cool interface and jazz music, the two components clashing in style but curiously working. You'll see what I mean. The studio was formed by graduates of Toronto's Ryerson University.

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