Tuesday, 30 June 2009

David Gilbert & Maxim Lucas 'Three Times' (Giacomo Trivelli 2009)

Pressure of the day job and a very hot spell of weather mean that I have a backlog of material I want to write about and a shortage of time in which to do it. Such is life. First off is Three Times from David Gilbert and Maxim Lucas, the first commission for Plastic Horse. A mole clambering up the drainpipe to launch a vicious assault on your face suggests all is not right with the world. In the video a music producer is digitally mixing his music only to be somewhat rudely disturbed by a veritable army of creatures great and small. The excavating mole is joined by birds, dinosaur and even flying saucer in a deadly assault culminating in the beasts using ladders and massing outside the upstairs window. Hard to see why as the soundtrack is not half bad. The piece for emerging Canterbury producer Giacomo uses cardboard cut-outs and scenery, put together in After Effects, Flash and Final Cut. The end result is completely unlike Dave's Battery, such is the diversity allowed in animation. An enjoyable piece. It's not surprising that David has got his scissors out as tells me he is now working for director Andrew Gibbs whose work Florian I found to be almost perfect in its use of cut outs. David and Andrew (et al) are working on Butter Mouth, about which more as it progresses.

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