Tuesday, 9 June 2009

"A droite en entrant dans la 4ème dimension" (Supinfocom - 2002)

Our guy is seated in his suburban lounge, relaxing, reading newspaper, smoking pipe, yawning, a picture of middle age, bourgeoisie. Startled by a framed picture falling from the wall and the consequent difficulties of pinning it back into position, he is sucked into an alternative dimension and, despite much pushing and prodding of elastic walls, he is unable to return to his own world. Worse, he is slapped on the face by a buxom blond, embroiled in a bullfight and involved in an automobile incident in his own lounge. Translated as "Turn right upon entering the fourth dimension" and another product of the stupendous Supinfocom, A droite en entrant dans la 4ème dimension stretches the imagination for all its seven minutes. Made in 2002 it is true to say that the software (3D Studio MAX, Combustion, Premiere and Photoshop) has advanced a bit even in seven short years and some of the floaty feel as, for example, the guy throws his newspaper down or hammers in the nail, would be less evident today. Nevertheless the short is an impressive technical feat still. Of course, viewers view for reasons other than technical. Fabien Le Gal, Julien Castillan, Fabrice Lacroix, Mathieu Pallet keep the action going to the end developing a good idea very nicely in an inventive piece with a particularly pleasing and varied soundtrack.

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