Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Fire-Eaters and Super

I get lots of mail and sadly am unable to accommodate all demands, from what was that film? to detailed professional advice - though I attempt to be polite and helpful. Two recent contacts have much to commend them though. First take a look at Fire-Eaters (my description), a short promotional piece for the amazing Cirque Berzerk. It concerns a tragic accident whilst in rehearsal. This sort of thing does not belong on an animation blog - but I'd like to thank Kathy anyway. Meanwhile Christophe Blanc (script and artwork) and Jean François Oliver (sound) have an unusual comic interface for their series of movies concerning the heroic adventures of clumsy Super who deals in justice (Super: je fais la justice). Enjoy exploring the site though my favourite is Le héros des héros in which Super (dressed in red to better disguise the blood) tangles with a drunken Batman and collapsed Spiderman.

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