Sunday, 28 June 2009

Fred Wolf "The Box" (1968)

Fred Wolf's animated short, The Box was awarded the Academy Award for best-animated short in 1968. With its percussion soundtrack by Shelly Manne, it is an altogether clever piece of work, the director confidently sketching out his diminutive bearded character in a minimalist setting then having the wit to engage one’s curiosity and delight throughout. What is in the box guarded so assiduously by its owner as he sits in a bar and deflects the attentions of fellow patrons of the establishment intent on gaining access? A traditionally drawn and humorous cartoon, of a type rarely seen today, starring a little guy, more beard than anything and yet still able to relinquish his raincoat and meet a like minded soul similarly clad. Watch the first girl flounce and pout - and still remember her glass. As I say, a delight and one of the few Oscar winners I have not seen.

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