Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Gitanjali Rao "Orange" (2002)

Orange was conceived whilst Gitanjali Rao worked for India’s animation studio Famous. It is a work short on plot but high indeed on style and a smoothness of execution and use of colour that is quite startling. Two attractive women sit sipping cocktails in a bar, worldly and just possibly jaded a tad by life's little excesses. Have you ever been lucky in love? asks one of the other. After a pause for reflection, some clarification, we commence a gloriously orange sequence of erotic memoir and fantasy as the woman evaluates her life and answers her friend. Gitanjali's background is relevant here. The gloss, even glitz, of her work animating for television commercials is very evident albeit the treatment is too explicit for her home audience, though mild by Western standards, and perhaps the ennui of the women's situation is not what an advertiser might desire. There is also the director's undoubted artistic skills. Gitanjali obtained a fine art degree from the Institute of Applied Art in Mumbai, subequently teaching herself how to animate. Orange was her first independent movie and her progress may be seen in her later work, about which more soon. In the meantime, and relating to her superb and award winning, Printed Rainbow, her technique for that movie is explored in a tutorial for Corel Painter X, a most interesting article.

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