Saturday, 13 June 2009

Gobelins - Annecy 2009

One of the highlights of the animation year is le Festival International du Film d'Animation (FIFA) d'Annecy 2009 to whose many enticements I have sadly had to decline this year given a requirement for a roof above my head. One of the festival's highlights is the contribution made by Gobelins l'école de l'image. Their annual film introductions are, utterly without exception, magical, spectacular, awesome. Be amazed and astounded and appreciative then for here are this year's Gobelins - Annecy 2009 - a compendium of four of the films, the fifth having its own link:

Le lac gelé: Jean-David Fabre, Fabien Guillaume, Sébastien Hary, Paul Nivet, Vincent Verniers

Monstera Deliciosa: Jérémy Macedo, Julien Perron, Ornélie Prioul, Rémi Salmon

Fenrir: Nuno Alves Rodrigues, Oussama Bouacheria, Alice Dieudonné, Aymeric Kevin, Ulysse Malassagne

Jelly Sunday: Ugo Bienvenu, Julien Daubas, Clément Desnos, Florian Parrot, Arthur Peltzer

Dodudindon: Lucrèce Andreae, Julien Chheng, Tracy Nowocien, Rémy Schaepman

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