Friday, 26 June 2009

Julia Vickerman "Dealing With Women" (2006)

I write about a lot of schools of animation and have neglected the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Their Animation Gallery is an impressive site. Julia Vickerman graduated from there in 2006, Dealing With Women being her graduation piece (alternatively found at Atom Films.) Reminding me in many ways of Alex Salsberg's very funny A Men's Room Monologue, her film deals with one young boy's introduction to the feminine world, a jungle of misunderstandings and let-downs. Julia opens the sealed doors on what makes a woman tick, from girls who wear cut-off shorts and lip gloss, hanker after hair extensions, boob jobs, or boys who are better skaters than our boy and therefore a better catch. Based around a Halloween tour of the neighbourhood with attendant vocal, manipulative little sister and silent brother in tow, our bespectacled young man reminisces on his encounters and how they went indisputably wrong, none more spectacularly than when he proved to be more Clark Kent than Superman. Voices and dialogue are splendid, with Jordan Crompton as the boy, Kimmy Huemoeller the sister of one's nightmares, Victor Courtright the irritating girlfriend and a breathless Julia saving the best role for herself - the girl in search of her cloaked superman. The short made me laugh and reinforced my opinions of the opposite sex. I should have taken skating lessons. Julia has a natural cartoonists or comic talent as This Spine O’Mine will testify. She is presently employed as a Flash animator for interactive games and shorts at Big Time Attic in Minneapolis. She also worked on The Mexican Cloud-Swing Disaster, for Tom Schroeder, the subject of yesterday's post and also a professor at her university.

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