Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Karni and Saul "Float" (2009 Flogging Molly)

Annecy 09's award for best music video went to the Irish American band Flogging Molly's Float, made by Karni + Saul. (Alternatively via Motionographer - 96mb.) It is a balanced mix of CG, live action and stop frame in which a stick man, produced interestingly enough in Maya, makes a laborious journey from urban, industrial jungle where he was created through increasingly scenic surroundings towards the sea. The photography is artfully done whether it be of rain puddles, cracked pavements, discarded bottle tops or Exmoor ponies and coastal scenery. Against this gradually improving landscape is set the wire man, gradually accumulating accoutrements, both clothing and an assemblage of bric-a-brac, that is painstakingly hauled towards the ocean. The distinctive band with their Celtic mix of accordion, fiddle, tin pipes and the like romp along, their infectious optimism entirely suiting the positive direction of the animation and the components of the piece. A deserved winner in my opinion, something distinctive, uplifting and rather beautiful. Bristol based Karni + Saul have recently moved from Flynn, for whom Float was made, to Rokkit. More of their work and that of their new company shortly.

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