Saturday, 20 June 2009

Lucie Stamfestova "Titanic" (2006) & "The Fridge" (2007)

Czech animator Lucie Stamfestova was the subject of an earlier post I wrote on her 2004 short, Automat. That was largely stop motion. Titanic is entirely computer animated, bearing only token resemblance to the actual story of the doomed liner though one does witness the embarkation, ship's band, iceberg and bodies in the sea. Lucie's disaster is an optimistic recreation with a rescue. Noteworthy is that the Kate Winslet (silhouette) is joined by Leonardo DiCaprio Junior and Senior (silhouettes) on the bridge, thus reversing a blemish noted by many in the 1997 movie, or at the least my family at the time. Hurrah for that. The movie was funded by the European Social Fund and the Czech government, part of a project for Civic Inspiration, accounting for the inspirational manner of rescue in which a concerned citizen on dry land knits her way towards salvation. Stylised, off-beat humour. Such a good use of my taxes. A much more pessimistic ending is in store for those who are able to view the whole of her 2007 The Fridge - the link is sadly only to a short segment. Lucie is back to stop motion as a fridge door is left open with consequent global warming within the confines of the box. A metaphor! Cans, cakes and chickens sprout under the warmth of the light bulb. The end of the clip has the chickens enjoying the sun. Don't, as I have often warned, get too attached. ( I have seen the full movie at the time but the links no longer work!)


Michael Sporn said...

Thanks for the link to Titáni©.
It's a much better film than James Cameron's version. It looks as though it was done in Photoshop and Aftereffects. This offers more life than Flash would have done. Very nice work.

Ian Lumsden said...

Thanks Michael, as always. It provides me with an opportunity to correct an inaccuracy, noted by my son-in-law who remarked that I don't know my "bridge" from my "prow". The absence of the Celine Dion song is an added bonus.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your pleasant comments to my work :) Just a little notice - Titani(c) was really made in pure Flash, but its great to hear, that people don´t think so - I dont like when tool is predominating the work itself.