Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Masterpiece 2.0

Masterpiece 2.0 is a project by Dutch artists Baschz and Selfcontrolfreak, in which via the web members of the public can influence how an animation takes shape. One can also pay to appear in some form or other. I'll spare viewers the sight of me placing images on canvas and I can't afford the fee. Further details can be obtained from Kristy Thomley whose blog, two if by see, is a place I warmly recommend. Since Kristy contacted me two weeks ago the project has advanced a bit, as of today reaching 333 animation frames, creating 83 seconds of animation - perhaps in truth not quite so advanced as I might have anticipated. Still, there's time yet, the embryonic animation being well drawn, inventive and crying out for further input.

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Kristy said...

thanks for the shout out Ian! Glad you liked the project!