Monday, 8 June 2009

Max Loubaresse, Marc Bouyer, Axelle Cheriet & Anthony Vivien "Scoop Volante" (Supinfocom 2009)

Aliens, madcap chases and the like are no strangers to the Animation Blog, nor is the outstanding Supinfocom. Shorter than some movies at 90 seconds, Scoop Volante nevertheless has all the strengths one has come to expect of that institution, namely supremely confident animating and a sense of style in the setting. Max Loubaresse, Marc Bouyer, Axelle Cheriet and Anthony Vivien join a long list of talented individuals clearly well taught and able to apply that experience. A UFO hovers above a remote farmhouse and under a gleaming moon the portable flashlight hovers by the window, the inhabitant of which reveals itself to be a little blue being in a spacesuit. Anticipating publicity and reward our invader is pursued around the house by man and flash camera. Ever try pursuing a child at a party for the perfect pose? Aliens are similarly elusive. The detail of the house is perfectly replicated, from kitchen appliances to timber grain and there are entertaining comic near misses in the chase plus gloriously blue external scenery viewed by moonlight. 3Ds Max, Photoshop, and After Effects is the software of choice.

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