Friday, 12 June 2009

Mirjam Baker & Michael Kren "Crossword" (2009 - Deckchair Orange)

Two students at the University of Applied Sciences, St. Pölten, Mirjam Baker and Michael Kren break zero in being the first animators I've tagged as Austrian. Deckchair Orange's Crossword is freshly released. I do not know the band but it is a melodic track with good vocals. The accompanying animation has a freshness and innocence about it in its tour of a small town where the citizens go about their various pursuits as day breaks, seasons change and evening falls. Lazily panning across the town, zooming in as required, the cutout animation at first sight focuses on normal activities as citizens water their plants or clean the windows. To vary the interest, actions become increasingly surreal as the guy on the town hall clock appears to be fishing in thin air until we see the flying fish or, as snow falls, Batman and Robin shinny up a building face and, my favourite, a woman belts the living daylights out of what appears to be a brassier. I know of Michael and Mirjam's work from an earlier video they did for a British band, something to be explored at a later date. For now relax and enjoy a rather lovely piece of work.

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