Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Monika Forsberg "His Passionate Bride" (2004)

Hot weather here in the UK so enjoy something racy, Monika Forsberg's His Passionate Bride. I regret the quality of the playback is not up to the mark but there is an alternate link here if you can get the blessed thing to work. Back to the book, sorry movie, as it is so Mills and Boon that it might just be in paperback, save for the graphic smut as Lola falls in love with brooding Russell despite being promised to rich Adrian and Russell claimed by the possessive Elizabeth. Trouble is Adrian also seems to have taken quite a shine to Russell who is therefore hot stuff for such a cool man. Sort of Lizzie and Darcy-esque with naughty bits on show and agile bodies. Tongue so firmly planted in cheek that it gets lost, the narration by Frances Barber is a class act that carries one through the initial hurdle of some artfully rustic drawing though I got well into the swing of things long before the three minutes or so were over. By the time Elizabeth speeds over the horizon firing heavy missiles I was quite sad it had ended. And Mills and Boon always deliver happy endings. Monika does so also though there are more deaths than the usual trash romance - allegedly - and much more fun for that. The movie was a product of Channel Four’s Animator in Residence scheme, much missed as it was a great breeding ground for talent.

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