Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Constantin Arefyev & Agmurad Amanov "About Bigmouse" (2007)

About Bigmouse commences with cheerful music, the sun coming up to reveal an idyllic scene with warmly coloured cypress trees, woman brushing in front of her asymmetrical house, children playing, man feeding the birds from the balcony. A discarded can is picked up by the woman, now hovering like some humming bird. Siren sounds and a crowd gathers round a big mouse shaped hole in the house wall. Two minutes into the movie and the credits appear. First line of the poem: "A very very big mouse, settled under our house." She is a lovely lady mouse, very house-proud although her accordian and other antics are disruptive. She is lonely too if her sighs are anything to go by. So the residents purchase a giant cat from afar to rid them of the problem. Things, as one might expect, do not go to plan. Stephen Coates has a pleasing, warmly expressive voice as he narrates the poem by Ludmila Ulanova. Intended for children, who will love the easy rhymed couplets, the ten minute short most certainly must appeal to adults too who admire artwork of the highest calibre, art with style in abundance. It's like one of those children's books where the illustrations draw adults and child alike into the narrative. Scriptwriter and Director is Constantin Arefyev, Artistic Director is Agmurad Amanov, the pair also doing the animation. The music that is so much a part of this enchanting animation is by Dmitry Grazhevich and Igor Melnikov. Quite one of the most charming shorts to be featured this year.

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