Friday, 3 July 2009

Gianna Ruggiero "Gretel and Hanzel" (2009)

I can find no sign of a wicked witch in Gianna Ruggiero’s Gretel and Hanzel, though the little girl is terrified of the big bad brother who gives all indications of being a witch. It is an opportunity for tapping on an eerie house door in the dark forest and much running from a phantom who is only deterred from evil deeds by a memory of brother and sister in more harmonious times. The action in the nicely animated short is allied to lush use of colour as all Gianna's considerable artistic skills are utilised in the backgrounds and characters. There is a theatrical quality to it all, the trees like stage properties and the girl some prettified puppet doll, the backdrop a glorious red or green with the lighting team working in overdrive switching the coloured gels. The music that inspired Gianna was O'Death's Ground Stump, a song and band I like very much though I'm not persuaded it is the best soundtrack for the animation. A student at Ringling College of Art and Design, Gianna used Autodesk, After Effects, Photoshop, Maya, Premiere and Tsunami. Any visitor to Gianna's website or blog will discover ample evidence of distinctive work, talent and a considerable sense of humour as the joke poster below suggests. The stills from the short would grace any children's storybook.

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Nice work, colorful.