Friday, 10 July 2009

Jeff Scher "The Parade" (2009)

One of my regular pleasures is Jeff Scher's series, The Animated Life for The New York Times. It is largely predicable in form, the same technique, the same scintillating mix of a myriad flickering images, each frame subtly coloured, strange additions one hardly notices until the screen grab is made, life as we know it presented in a manner that perhaps we didn't. June 29th was The Parade, described by Jeff as, "A film celebrating the art of walking through crowded city streets, seemingly looking at nothing while seeing everything." He is a great writer too, his prose philosophical, wistful. The faces say it all. Captured in high speed rotoscope, saturated with colour that changes with the speed of thought, the people of New York go about their business immersed in worlds that are their own and yet ours. Shay Lynch, as always, contributes a great soundtrack.

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