Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Murray John "Goodbye London" & ACDC intro (2009)

I wrote a year ago about the internet phenomena Muto in which graffiti artists did their thing on the walls of Buenos Aires and Baden. Goodbye London has that same feel albeit the actions on the walls, bridges, shop fronts, buses and suchlike are, not surprisingly, set in London, created digitally and linked to the music and lyrics by British-Canadian singer-songwriter, Luke Jackson. Murray John is a dab hand at animating for purpose. Here, in his own words, he "set out to capture the bitter sweetness of London life, using urban sketchy drawings on walls." In his mix of stop motion photography and drawn 2-D animation using After Effects, Murray certainly evokes the vibrancy of London, from dawn to dusk. Not always the most tidy of cities but with a vibrancy all its own. I had fun recognising where the shots were taken, enjoyed the song and even had a wave of nostalgia. Can't be having that. A different style entirely in Murray's visual package, Black Ice, put together for ACDC's Intro onto the stage for their latest tour in the UK. Here a horny devil heaps coal into the furnace as a steam train belts along at a furious pace, the band and entourage in the carriages. The fiend is subjected to some totally reciprocated treatment by two horny girls without the horns. Artwork to illuminate any comic in the genre and a thrilling preliminary prior to the fans donning their earplugs. A mark of class is the ability to animate for purpose, and not repeat oneself.



Lawrence said...

Two fantastic videos - well matched to the song styles - well done -

"TORI CAT" said...

The animation at the start of AD/DC's tour was awesome!! It built massive anticipation for the explosive introduction of the band!! Awesome!!
I will always remember saluting the band with my head bowed n Rock Horns raised!!!!

Thanks for posting this.x

jimi said...

I’m inspired with the surpassing and preachy listing that you furnish in such little timing.
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