Friday, 17 July 2009

Nicholas De Gorter "Piège en eau claire" (2009)

There is nothing whatsoever cute about these pink twins. Nicholas De Gorter graduated this year from Lyon's l'école Emile Cohl, Piège en eau claire being his distinctive final piece. Back to the twins. Well they want a nice shiny shark's tooth, brushed and polished in situ so to speak. Why they would want such an item heaven knows for they each sport a fine set of incisors. There's also the added complication of a huge brute of a doorman who thinks nothing of bashing an errant visitor to the aquarium. It's an unequal contest. Monstrous shark, monstrous bruiser versus two diminutive girls. For the twins have several weapons, most notably fiendish skills in electronics and I have never seen sweet wrappers used as weapons before. And wouldn't it be nice to see who could survive a scrap, brute or brute? I like the swagger in the use of colour, the flat figures, and the look of manic cruelty on the faces of two little girls. Where the idea came from is beyond me but it works.

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