Thursday, 2 July 2009

Polynoid "Flapflap" (2009) & "Mindplotter" (2007)

It's my 1001st post today since commencing the Animation Blog! It was in 2007 that I wrote about 458nm, a spectacular high tech take on a gastropod. The team from polynoid are just as striking in their visual imagery in Flapflap (or as a quicktime download). Tom Weber, Ilija Brunck and Jan Bitzer gain the credits for the animation, Sinje Gebauer producing and Jan and Ilija composing the music. The guys' brief for Filmakademie BW was:"What can happen if you mess around with the wrong guys?" The incident sparking retribution was two crows excreting balls of manure on a head protruding from a desert-like or alien landscape. There's only so much one can take of that - not even that much to be frank - and the worm comprehensively turns. The same team are responsible for Mindplotter (Quicktime download) save this time the electronic sound is by dAdA iNN and Roman Jungblut. I'm going to quote back from the website for meaning: "The Mindplotter. Developed as a symbol for what we think is the essence of a creative process that every filmmaker in the field of animation goes through. Being able to switch between two stages, inspiration and creation, the Mindplotter is both mechanical and organic, hard and soft, brutal in his act of plotting out his thoughts and relaxed in his inspirational state of mind. While the Mindplotter alter egos, the world around him changes with it." Ambitious perhaps, and I might just have missed the subtlety in my analysis but now the meaning is all so very clear. Creativity. And there is both beauty in the sea creature plus menace generated by the nickel fighting machine that fairly fizzes with energy. In short, pretty fabulous special effects, wizardry even. That's why I posted their storyboard to show the guys are reassuringly not high tech all the time.


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Congrats on happy 1001!

Thought you might think this is worth posting. It's a good laugh:

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A miracle product for cartooners. Thanks Anon