Sunday, 19 July 2009

Takashi Murakami and Dominique Bloink "I Adore You" (Melpo Mene - 2008)

Two contrasting takes on the same song. I Adore You animated by Dominique Bloink from Blue-Chocolate Designs has a boy in search of a red haired girl, so he flies amongst clouds, sits by sharks and watches as flowers grow. In the stop motion piece Dominique used 2024 photos of his drawings at eight frames per second. A contrasting piece is by Japanese artist and animator Takashi Murakami whose I Adore You is very much computer animated anime as a little girl stands by a public entrance waiting for someone who does not turn up. So she texts the guilty person. When an inflated friend of much colour swallows the phone she leaps into an alternative world though, in a rather greyer world, the text does get through - to several different boys. You may recognise the music from the Volvo commercial.


Ellen said...

Hi! I just wanted to say I'm really grateful for these blogs, these two different animations are really interesting... I enjoy them both :D

Kristy said...

I love Dominique Bloink rendition - thanks for sharing! I've linked to your post here

Anonymous said... this is the real version.. i'm fairly certain