Monday, 13 July 2009

Vancouver Film School "Growing Up" (2009)

I like being advised by children, even reciting words from Vincent Lui of Vancouver Film School's Writing for Film & Television program. Vincent leaves it to Jorge Estrada, Kasey Lum, Marisa Torres, and Alexander Badr from the school's VFS Digital Design program to animate Growing Up. "We all have these fears. Unfortunately they don't go away when they get older" and "The bigger you get the fewer places there are to hide." The script maybe sounds as if it were written for a child rather than being spontaneously spoken by one, but that's not a criticism. The movie succeeds due to the excellence of the script and a spectacularly natural voice of young Mikayla Faria who narrates the piece with confidence. It also works because the four animators give an overall cutout look for their world of childhood, a world in which the paraphernalia of adolescence piles in on the young person and a game machine of life spins round - maybe it's best to jump off into the clouds in search of the cookie jar. A charming piece all round, full of good advice. A must for the classroom.

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